ILH Suite 244, Conference Rooms A/B, and Physicians Lounge


Multi-phased renovation with carefully coordinated owner staff/ department relocations required for construction in occupied areas.

Suite 244 – 2,110 SF 2-phase build-out od a Physician Sleep Room suite and lounge.

Conference A & B – 3,558 SF 2-phase renovation that included renovation of a Outpatient Treatment suite and build-out of a new Conference and Meeting Room.

Physicians Lounge – 1,185 SF renovation with new food service equipment coordinated and installed in custom cabinetry, Physician work alcoves, and lounge space.


  • Location: Loudoun, VA
  • Size: 6,853 Square feet (COMBINED)
  • Special Equipment: ARCHITECT Physicians Lounge food service equipment integration, Conference room A&B audio-visual integration.
  • Architect: E4H Architecture