What we do


Our experienced full-service contractors offer innovative solutions for a wide range of projects. From general contracting and design/build to construction management and base building, Patner delivers high-quality, customized results based on your needs.

At Patner Construction, our General Contracting and Construction Management services are the bread and butter of our award-winning construction solutions. We love what we do and we do it well. Our experienced project teams are dedicated to providing services tailored to your project needs, ensuring every step of the partnership produces the highest quality results. We are committed to delivering unrivaled, quality solutions on time and on budget.
We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail and truly understanding our client’s specific needs and goals on every project.

Ray Mobley
Ray Mobley
Sr. Project Manager

“Since joining Patner, I have worked on an array of diverse and rewarding design build projects. Such projects have ranged from working at the White House, designing a graphics studio for DHS, and constructing a language testing unit for the DoD. Patner’s expertise and resources truly allow for a unique set of opportunities.”

At Patner, we understand that complex projects require the necessary resources and dedicated partners to achieve success. That is why we prioritize cross-functional team collaboration, specialized experience, and effective communication with each and every Design-Build project.

We are committed to full project team integration and continue to lead efforts on comprehensive Design-Build projects ranging from $100k to more than $20 million.

Through our leadership and experience, we have implemented team-based “Best Practices” to solidify a unified and streamlined project approach for project success.

Jerry Mahar
Jerry Mahar
Sr. Project Manager

“Working as a CM is one of my favorite aspects of Patner. It allows us to use our vast general contracting experience to proactively advise the client of solutions to any issue as they may arise. It requires attention to detail and careful consideration in the management of people.”

Patner Construction is proud to have built a name as a trusted and industry-leading General Contractor. Over the years, we have maintained this reputation and expanded our offerings to include additional customized and holistic Construction Management services to further ensure our clients’ satisfaction. 

Our breadth of experience and expertise makes us uniquely qualified to work with all aspects of the project team including owners, architects, general contractors, and various stakeholders. Combined with our award-winning General Contracting solutions, our Construction Management services enable our full-service project teams to produce successful, cost-conscious projects that exceed expectations.

In an industry where “bigger is better” is often touted, Patner continues to prioritize our clients’ satisfaction over project size, including Task Orders & Terms Management. 

We understand the constraints of the typical Owner-to-Contractor agreement and remain dedicated to offering exceptional service throughout all of our task order work. Though the scope of work might often be smaller, we approach each project with the same diligence, focus, and determination expected of large-scale inquiries. We pride ourselves on our ability to be flexible and adapt to the unique challenges and opportunities presented with each custom project.

Our primary goal will always be to provide service tailored to your project needs, ensuring every step of the partnership delivers the highest quality results.